From the Desk of the Founder

Marie Gelin, FounderI developed Stinky Boyz all natural hygiene product line initially when I saw a void in the market for kids ages 5-15. While shopping for my own boys, I noticed plenty of hygiene products for babies or adults. In this Billion dollar industry there were no products suitable for their age range. Having active boys who play sports I could not find a product that was all natural and encouraged good hygiene. As a concerned mother I felt the need to produce a product that filled this void. My objective was to produce quality hygiene products that are all natural and effective at eliminating odors. Stinky Boyz thoroughly cleans active kids without the harsh chemicals often found in adult hygiene products.

Knowing the struggle other moms face with getting their boys to bathe, I saw the opportunity to make it fun. I also was concerned with my boys having to smell like men. That is why I formulated Stinky Boyz to have a clean invigorating scent that is age appropriate. Issues that are associated with poor hygiene, such as health and psychological problems are addressed by using Stinky Boyz products. Many skin infections are due to poor hygiene. Children and adults are often irritated by using adult hygiene products. These irritations to the skin are our body’s way of letting us know when we are not using something good for us. Stinky Boyz natural products soothe the skin while maintaining your children’s health. I want parents from all over to join me in my campaign to deliver hygiene products that are safe and made specifically for our children. You can help the Stinky Boyz campaign by asking your local retailer to carry Stinky Boyz products. I have not forgotten about the girls, Stinky Girlz will be launching in 2013. Stinky Boyz will introduce other sports themes such as Hockey, Tennis, Skateboarding, Golf, Rugby, Cricket, and many more. “To Be Clean Is To Be Healthy And Confident”.

Yours Truly,

Marie Gelin

Marie Gelin Interview – Fox Atlanta


Hi, my name is Matthew and I’m seven years old and I’m in third grade. I love ”Stinky Boyz” soap because I love sports, I play sports, and it makes me smell good. I even take showers everyday because using it makes me feel good about myself. I used to always fight with my mom so I will not take showers.

Now I feel so cool using the soap because I think I’m the only one in my school that use it. So I hope the ”Stinky Boyz” soap comes to New York now so my friends can use it too.

Thank you

New York

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