Stinky Boyz Introduces A New and All-Natural Line of Shampoo and Body Wash for Young and Adolescent Boys

Stinky-Boyz Products Promotes Good Hygiene in Boys

ATLANTA, GA. (December 27, 2010) –Stinky-Boyz introduces a new and innovative line of all-natural shampoo/body wash products that cater specifically to young and adolescent boys, a demographic that is not attended to in terms of personal hygiene.

The concept of Stinky-Boyz was created to make good hygiene fun for boys by molding hygiene products into the shapes of sports balls. Each ball is appropriately sized for a boy’s hand and includes a silicon wrist band for an easy grip and for hanging in the shower. Another objective of the wristband is to motivate boys to continuously use the soap and shampoo to get the collectable wristband after the product is gone.

Each product is created with all-natural ingredients that are less harsh than those used in adult-hygiene products. Also, these ingredients soothe and do not irritate sensitive skin types. A vital ingredient is the black seed, which contains healthy properties that aid the body’s immune system. Each product contains mild and aromatically soothing scents that are not overpowering to a boy’s sense of smell, which is more sensitive than an adult’s sense of smell.

Stinky-Boyz products are available on the official website, and and will be available in stores early 2011. Stinky-Boyz will add deodorants and moisturizers to its line of hygiene products in the summer of 2011.

About Stinky Boyz
Stinky Boyz is the first line of products introduced by Pro-Athletics. Stinky-Boyz aims to address the problems of poor hygiene in young and adolescent boys by creating innovative ways to turn cleanliness into a lifestyle. Stinky-Boyz’s mission is lived in its motto, “Clean boys make healthy men”, working to build strong and healthy boys for the future. For more information, visit or call 1-877-784-6598.

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Hi, my name is Matthew and I’m seven years old and I’m in third grade. I love ”Stinky Boyz” soap because I love sports, I play sports, and it makes me smell good. I even take showers everyday because using it makes me feel good about myself. I used to always fight with my mom so I will not take showers.

Now I feel so cool using the soap because I think I’m the only one in my school that use it. So I hope the ”Stinky Boyz” soap comes to New York now so my friends can use it too.

Thank you

New York

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