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The ProblemAs parents, we struggle to get our athletic boys and young men to shower regularly. It’s not enough to develop a product that cleans. The product also has to engage the user and be fun. Good hygiene builds self-esteem and character.

The SolutionWe developed Stinky Boyz to promote good hygiene. Not just cleaning, but overall skin and body care. Our research shows there’s a void in the market for hygiene products targeting boys and young men.

Marie Gelin Interview – Fox Atlanta


Hi, my name is Matthew and I’m seven years old and I’m in third grade. I love ”Stinky Boyz” soap because I love sports, I play sports, and it makes me smell good. I even take showers everyday because using it makes me feel good about myself. I used to always fight with my mom so I will not take showers.

Now I feel so cool using the soap because I think I’m the only one in my school that use it. So I hope the ”Stinky Boyz” soap comes to New York now so my friends can use it too.

Thank you

New York

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